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JL MAG won the Investor Relations Management Star of the Year 2019 Award in the Capital Market

On November 19th, the "Finding Adverse Windsurfers-The Fifth (2019) Capital Market IRM Summit Forum" hosted by the "Economic Observer" was held at the Millennium Hotel in Beijing. JL MAG leveraged on high-quality information disclosure and investment in 2019 and other outstanding performances such as investor relations services, won the "Investor Relations Management Star of the Year" award from the organizer.


Since its launch on the GEM in September 2018, JL MAG has continuously improved its corporate governance structure, continuously strengthened its management of investor relations, and insisted on overall planning to promote the coordinated growth of investor returns and company value. In the future, JL MAG will continue to maintain good communication and contact with investors through road shows, reception surveys, online briefing sessions, interactive platforms, telephone communication, etc., to deepen investors' understanding and recognition of the company, continuously improve the company's transparency, and effectively safeguard the interests of investors.

"Economic Observer" Capital Market Annual Star Awards selection is one of the most influential awards in domestic professional media, and has been successfully held for five sessions since 2015. The award is awarded to companies, institutions and individuals who have performed outstandingly in various fields of the capital market through comprehensive evaluations in such dimensions as technological innovation, investment value, corporate governance, and social responsibility.

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