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Enhance the Vitality of Enterprises by Showing the Demeanor of Ball Games-The First

In order to enhance the physical quality of the staff, show the positive mental outlook of the majority of cadres and staff, enrich their spare time life, and build a team of JL staff with sincerity, unity, civilization and harmony. On the afternoon of June 14th, the first "JL cup" 5-a-side football league kicked off in the company football stadium.

The game attracted the company's football fans, including vice president Huayun Mao, vice president Changyuan Huang, vice president Han Yu, director Sun, manager Su and other senior executives and front-line employees. There are 10 teams including 100 players from Functional Management Dept., R&D Dept., Production Dept., QA Dept., ESM Dept., JLD and JLZJ.


On the court, whether it is executives, middle management cadres or front-line employees, the players are fierce fighting, give full play to the ball skills, tackling, passing, shooting, save...Wonderful scenes one after another, everyone chasing, strive to gallop, There is a great potential for "speed and passion, hard work and glory" for us. After 40 days, the first stage of the group round robin was a wonderful match of strength.


On July 26, the top four teams were determined. Four teams, namely, the pre-production process team led by manager sun, the 60VH team led by manager Mao, the functional management team led by manager Huang and the R&D team, successfully qualified for the semi-finals.

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