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JL MAG Rare-earth Industry Price Briefing 2142(Issue No. 399) 12-06~12-10

JL MAG Rare-Earth Industry Price Briefing 12-06~12-10

Week 502021

1.    重要新闻简报Briefing of Important News

本周稀土市场行情,镨钕、金属钕、镝铁和铽的价格较为稳定。亚洲金属网周末价格: 镨钕金属价格1050-1060/KG;金属钕价格1110-1120/KG;镝铁合金价格2910-2930/KG;金属铽价格14150-14200/KG

This week, prices of PrNd, Nd metal, Tb and DyFe were stable. Prices from Asian Metal at the end of this weekend presented: PrNd metal 1050-1060 RMB/KG, Nd metal 1110-1120 RMB/KG, DyFe alloy 2,910-2,930 RMB/KG, and Tb metal 14,150-14,200/KG.

2.     业内人士分析Analysis of Professional Insiders


The rare earth market fluctuated little this week. Although the sensitivity and fear of high were not obvious this week, the industry once believed that raw materials were tight and prices would continue to rise, so the reluctance to sell occasionally ran through. However, over the weekend, the listing price of North Rare Earth was too low and market expectations were disturbed, and the market weakened significantly.


At the beginning of this week, the volume and transaction price of PrNd metal stabilized the price of PrNd oxide, and continued the high trend of the weekend, the weekend shipment and transaction prices both back. Dy and Tb products in Myanmar mine closure rumors this week, continued to test high, but demand has been difficult to volume, and the group after the restructuring of the market has a strong confidence, wait and see at high prices.


In terms of the rare earth industry: although the price of bulk raw materials skyrocketed in the first half of the year, the price of rare earth soared in the second half of the year under the influence of a series of policies, imports and inventories. PrNd short-term spot supply status gradually ease as imported ore and execution of quotas in next year, the middle metal enterprise supply capacity is still shortage, but the upstream supply metal also more relative to PrNd oxide; this week, both upstream partial selling and downstream metal purchases have stabilized prices to some extent; however, with the listing of rare earth in the north, the downstream procurement began to delay and wait, the increase of futures orders, the risk of high prices also grows, and the market forecast for the end of the year and next January is constantly adjusting.Ruidow Rare Earth Info)


Listing Price of North Rare earth High-tech Co., Ltd. issued in Dec.



Listing Price of Rare Earth Oxides on Dec. 07th from CSRE


Unit: 10 thousand RMB/ ton (EXW price incl. tax)


3.    趋势图(参考亚洲金属网)Tendency Chart (refer to Asian Metal)






Dec. 10th, 2021

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