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JL MAG Rare-Earth Industry Price Briefing 201631 (Issue No. 147) 08-08~08-12


JL MAG Rare-Earth Industry Price Briefing 08-08~08-12


Week 33, 2016

1. 重要新闻简报Briefing of Important News


This week the price of Tb metal has a slight increase while PrNd and DyFe keep relatively stable. Prices from Asian Metal at weekend present: PrNd: 321-326RMB/KG, DyFe: 1240-1270RMB/KG, Tb Metal: 3550-3650RMB/KG.

2.业内人士分析Analysis of Professional Insiders


China will continue to crack down on all kinds of rare earth violation behavior


Known as “mother of the new material", rare earth is precious strategic resources widely used in high technology including new energy, automation, equipment manufacturing, optical, electronic information, nuclear industry and aerospace technology. Affected by economy downturn, "black rare earth" factors, price of rare earth products has sustained downturn and has dropped for more than half since July 2011.


Zhou Changyi, director-general of industrial raw materials department of Ministry of Industry and Information, spoke on the “China Baotou Rare Earth Industry (International) Forum" which was opened on Aug 08th that China will continue to crack down on all kinds of illegal mining, processing and selling activities of rare earth products; implementing territorial regulatory responsibilities, enterprise with illegal mining, operating and use of rare earth will be thoroughly investigated; through implementation of the rare earth product traceability system, source of rare earth products on the market will be traced, rare earth “black interest chain" will be cut.


At the same time, third parties such as industry associations will be authorized to carry out investigation and clue collecting of rare earth violation, establishing normalized work mechanism, and combined with rare earth enterprise credit blacklist system, enterprise's illegal records should be brought into the national credit information sharing platform, make it become important reference factors of enterprise management, credit loan, public listing evaluation.


During "twelfth five-year" period, Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Land and Resources and other relevant departments have carried out special action against violation behaviors in the field of rare earth for five consecutive years. In total they have investigated and punished 113 cases, smashed up 14 illegal mines, shut down 28 enterprises with violation behaviors, cumulatively seized 36,000 tons of rare earth minerals, fined about 230 million RMB.

3.趋势图(参考亚洲金属网)Tendency Chart (refer to Asian Metal)


Aug 12th, 2016


Notes: the information above is for reference only!

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