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JL MAG Rare-earth Industry Price Briefing 201653 (Issue No. 166) 12-26~12-30


JL MAG Rare-earth Industry Price Briefing 12-26~12-30


Week 53, 2016

1.重要新闻简报Briefing of Important News


This week the price of PrNd and DyFe had a slight decrease but the Tb is relevantly stable. The price at weekend from Asia metal presented as: PrNd 334-337 RMB/KG, DyFe 1240-1260 RMB/KG and Tb metal 3900-3950 RMB/KG.


Till 26th, the latest rare earth aggregate price index is 1052.03 which increased 5.53 point compare to the last workday and increase rate is 0.53%. The index increased 52.03 point compare to the base value 1000 point on Oct.31st, 2016. Since the index was put into operation, it shows a status of rise before inhibition but basically fluctuate between 950 and 1050.

2.业内人士分析Analysis of Professional Insiders


Under the circumstance of the market is relatively weak, the state implement the rare earth reserves policy which gives a positive signal to the market and soothes company's nerves and it is very good to promote the rare earth price as well. According to the current rare earth industry situation, the national reserves policy will not only help to keep healthy, stable and sustainable development but also shows national will play an important role in strategic industry, which do not violate economic law. The national level to reserve rare earths has a stimulation effect. Step by step implementation of policy is expected to promote the rare earth market continues to deepen and rare earth supply side reform is expected to be changed from quantity to qualitative. If the rare earth price rises due to national reserves policy, many companies will get benefits.


Currently the rare earth market is running steady and PrNd, DyFe, Tb is in the weakness. With the psychology of buying after rising not falling, the inquiry is quite weak and all parties still wait and see.

今日SMM主流报价如下,氧化镨主流厂家含税价320,000-330,000元/吨,氧化钕258,000-260,000元/吨,金属钕33.5-34.0万元/吨,氧化镨钕主流厂家含税258,000-260,000元 /吨,镨钕金属主流厂家含税价336,000~339,000元/吨。金属铽主流厂家含税价3850-3950元/千克。氧化镝主流厂家含税119-121万元/吨,镝铁厂家含税价123-125万元/吨。

SMM mainstream today offer as follows, praseodymium oxide mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 320,000-330,000 RMB/T, neodymium oxide is 258,000-260,000 RMB/T, neodymium metal is 335,000-340,000 RMB/T, neodymium praseodymium oxide mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 258,000-260,000 RMB/T, praseodymium neodymium metal mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 336,000 ~ 339,000 RMB/T. Terbium metal mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 3850-3950 RMB/KG, dysprosium oxide mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 1.19-1.21 million RMB/T, dysprosium tax-included price is 1.23-1.25 million RMB/T.

3.趋势图(参考亚洲金属网)Tendency Chart (refer to Asian Metal)


Dec.30th, 2016


Notes: the information above is for reference only!

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