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JL MAG Rare-earth Industry Price Briefing 201711 (Issue No. 177) 03-27~04-07


JL MAG Rare-earth Industry Price Briefing 03-27~04-07


Week 14, 2017

1.重要新闻简报Briefing of Important News

本周稀土市场价格镨钕和铽均有小幅上涨,镝铁价格相对稳定。亚洲金属网价格: 镨钕金属360-363元/KG,镝铁合金价格1230-1250元/KG,铽金属价格4150-4200元/KG。

This week the market price of PrNd and Tb had increased slightly while the price of DyFe was relatively stable. Prices from Asian Metal of this weekend presented: PrNd 360-363RMB/KG, DyFe 1230-1250RMB/KG, Tb metal 4150-4200RMB/KG.


According to the customs data, the total export of Baotou rare earth for January and February, 2017 is 1,462.41 tons which increased 143.13 compared to the same period of last year. The export value is 31million RMB and increased 53.2%. The average export unit price is 2,1300RMB/T, which decreased 36.98%. The main reasons of increments with fall are: one is the rare earth export quotas and export tariffs have been canceled, exports increased significantly after lowering the threshold; the other is the current international market for China's rare earth raw material dependence is weakening, and the development of new materials has a substitution effect on China rare earth, the situation of rare earth industry overcapacity, oversupply is more prominent.

2.业内人士分析Analysis of Professional Insiders


Rare earth market offer had confusion on April 7, Baogang raised the listing price yesterday and the magnitude was 2%, far exceeding market expectations. After the pricing introduction, the majority of participants in the market covers plate and takes a wait-and-see attitude, the current market quotations are scarce, and the bidders who have been quoted are in the high range, lower prices decreased. Market parties mentality is different, but the overall trend is relatively tight spot bullish. For downstream, most participants indicated it was difficult to accept the high price, mainly to suspend the purchase and take a wait-and-see attitude.

4月7日MM主流报价如下,氧化镨主流厂家含税价355,000-365,000元/吨,氧化钕 270,000-275,000元/吨,金属钕35-36万元/吨,氧化镨钕主流厂家含税280,000-282,000元 /吨,镨钕金属主流厂家含税价355,000~360,000元/吨。金属铽主流厂家含税价4200-4400元/千克。氧化镝主流厂家含税121-122万元/吨,镝铁厂家含税价123-125万元/吨。氧化钬厂家含税价42.0-43.0万元/吨,钬铁报价42.0-44.0万元/吨。

SMM mainstream offered on April 7 are as follows, praseodymium oxide mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 355,000-365,000 RMB/T, neodymium oxide is 270,000-275,000 RMB/T, neodymium metal is 350,000-360,000 RMB/T, neodymium praseodymium oxide mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 280,000-282,000 RMB/T, praseodymium neodymium metal mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 355,000 ~ 360,000 RMB/T. Terbium oxide mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 4,200-4,400 RMB/KG. Dysprosium oxide mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 1,210,000-1,220,000 RMB/T, dysprosium iron tax-included price is 1,230,000-1,250,000 RMB/T. Holmium oxide mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 420,000-430,000 RMB/T, Holmium iron mainstream manufacturers tax-included price is 420,000-440,000 RMB/T.

3.趋势图(参考亚洲金属网)Tendency Chart (refer to Asian Metal)


Apr.7th, 2017


Notes: the information above is for reference only!

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