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JL MAG Rare-earth Industry Price Briefing 2034(Issue No. 345)09-14~09-18

JL MAG Rare-Earth Industry Price Briefing 09-14~09-18


1. 重要新闻简报Briefing of Important News

本周稀土市场行情,镨钕、金属钕、镝铁和铽的价格小幅下调。亚洲金属网周末价格: 镨钕金属价格428-433元/KG,金属钕价格448-453元/KG,镝铁合金价格1680-1700元/KG,金属铽价格6170-6220元/KG。

This week, price of PrNd, Nd metal, DyFe and Tb declined a little. Price from Asian Metal at this weekend presented: PrNd metal 428-433 RMB/KG, Nd metal 448-453 RMB/KG, DyFe alloy 1680-1700 RMB/KG and Tb metal 6170-6220 RMB/KG.

2. 业内人士分析Analysis of Professional Insiders


The rare earth market as a whole is still slightly weak this week, with a weak range and gradually stabilizing. Some downstream enterprises have also slightly expanded their inventory reserves in addition to rigid demand purchasing. At present, the mainstream rare earth products have little room for decline. Although there is still no upward momentum in the short term, there are still more expectations and possibilities in the future.


The downstream inquiry has been frequent, due to the continuous firm quotation of major manufacturers, some magnetic material enterprises have adopted the lowest proportion of long-term cooperative procurement, and the inventory rate is generally maintained near the rigid demand line. The stabilization of PrNd is at hand, and the positive theory supporting the rise of PrNd is still in place. The downstream mentality has been active this week, but the behavior is still cautious.


Short-term forecast: It will take some time for the messages to brew. A turnaround in PrNd is unlikely in the coming week, but the spot market is about to stabilize as the pressure on the cost of oxides begins to highlight, and even traders and S&M enterprises will not show significant downturns. The heavy rare earth products Dy and Tb are likely to remain stable, and the group's acquisition motive is still inclined to remain stable. (Ruidow Rare Earth Info)


Listing Price of Rare Earth Oxides on September 14th from CSRE


Unit: 10,000RMB/Ton (EXW price incl. VAT)


3. 趋势图(参考亚洲金属网)Tendency Chart (refer to Asian Metal)


Sept. 18th, 2020

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