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JLMAG held 2019 reserve cadre monthly symposium for college students

On the afternoon of October 9th, our company organized a monthly discussion and sharing meeting for the reserve cadres of 2019 college students in the Party activity room on the third floor of the office building. 26 new college graduates attended the meeting. Sun yixia, manager of human resources department, presided over the meeting.


At the discussion and sharing meeting, manager sun of human resources department explained the purpose of holding this meeting for the reserved cadres, and conveyed the positive work performance and hard work attitude of the company leaders and related tutors since their entry. Subsequently, the participating students introduced one by one, Shared their career experience, and expressed their gratitude for the tutor's patience in teaching and the spirit of asking and answering questions! At the same time, they wished to grow up with and the company together, determination to contribute to the development of the company. During this period, manager sun answered all the questions and suggestions rose by college students in their work and life, and provided guidance for the development of new employees from various aspects such as gratitude, platform, communication and learning.


This symposium is held in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, which is conducive to listening to the aspirations of employees, answering questions for new employees, enhancing mutual understanding between employees and the enterprise, and helping new employees integrate into the collective better and faster, which is of positive significance for the long-term development of the company.

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